Arrest of a Nigerian Citizen

The Embassy of Nigeria, Ireland is deeply interested in ensuring fair and humane treatment for all Nigerian citizens imprisoned in Ireland. We are committed to assist all incarcerated citizens and their families, within the limits of our authority, in accordance with our diplomatic mandate in Ireland.

Avoid getting into trouble or get arrested in Ireland by:
• Studying the laws of the host country, which might be different from the laws in Nigeria?
• Following all the relevant laws and extant regulations of Ireland, when visiting or living in Ireland.
If you are arrested Ireland or you know a Nigerian citizen who is:
• Ask the prison authorities to notify the Nigerian embassy in Ireland;
• You may also wish to reach out to the Nigerian embassy in Ireland to let us know of the arrest.

Consular Assistance to Nigerians in Prison:
When a Nigerian citizen is arrested in Ireland, he or she may be initially confused and disoriented. It can be more difficult because he or she may be unfamiliar surroundings, and may not know the local customs, or legal system.

The Embassy can help:
• Contact family, friends, or employers of the detained Nigerian citizen with their written permission.
• Visit the detained Nigerian citizen, where appropriate.
• Help ensure that prison officials are providing appropriate medical care for you,
• Were possible, we may facilitate with prison officials access by a member of the clergy of the religion of your choice while in prison custody.

We Cannot:
• Get Nigerian citizens out of jail overseas.
• Prove the guilt or innocence of any citizen.
• Provide legal advice or represent Nigerian citizens in court in Ireland.
• Serve as official interpreters or translators.
• Pay legal, medical, or other fees for Nigerian citizens in Ireland.