Friday , 26 August 2016
  • Nigerian National Assembly

    Nigerian National Assembly

  • Central Bank Of Nigeria

    Central Bank Of Nigeria

  • Abuja City

    Abuja City

  • National-Theatre-Lagos


  • Abuja Central Mosque

    Abuja Central Mosque

  • National Church Abuja

    National Church Abuja

  • Abuja


  • Lagos Nigeria

    Lagos Nigeria

  • Aso Rock

    Aso Rock

  • Zuma Rock Abuja

    Zuma Rock Abuja

  • Yankari Elephant

    Yankari Elephant

  • Oil Platform

    Oil Platform

  • Obudu Cattle Ranch

    Obudu Cattle Ranch

  • Lagos beach House Nigeria

    Lagos beach House Nigeria

  • Lagos Bay

    Lagos Bay

  • Yankari Chalet

    Yankari Chalet

  • Yankari Chalet

    Yankari Chalet

  • Yankari


  • Yankari Game Reserve

    Yankari Game Reserve

  • Calabar


  • Calabar



Mr. Olusola I. Iginla - Chargé d'Affaires

Welcome to the Embassy of Nigeria in Ireland

We welcome all visitors to the new user-friendly website of the Embassy of Nigeria, Ireland. Apart from providing visitors with updated information about all aspects of news concerning Nigeria from home and abroad.

Indeed, one important aspect of this new site is that it is intended to make the Mission’s Consular and Immigration services more readily accessible for users who will now be able to download the various forms for embassy transactions online. The appointment system has also been upgraded to make appointment bookings as smooth as possible. As you use this new site, feel free to share your thoughts on areas you think we can improve.

Thank you

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